Picture of the day!

It was so amazingly beautiful outside.  I couldn’t just waste the day indoors with the little monsters I call my kids.  So, my mother came over and we took a walk to their house and sat outside, had lunch, talked, drank tea, and then walked back to my house together.  It was so nice.  Family is something that is far overlooked and taken for granted.  I hope that I appreciate my own current immediate family more when I lose the crazies, but for now they’re just going to have to cope with my sliding mental capacity.

Today’s photo!


My moms garden, as anyone who has seen it would tell you, is something to truly behold.  She has honed her skills and practiced over so many years she has it near flawless.  She even has all her blooms set up so that there is constantly flower coming in and going out.  Not once, even in the winter, does she have a bare garden.   Most mornings, she’ll go outside and while fussing through her plants, find a few branches here or stalks there and make a small flour arrangement inside the house to remind us of the wonderment and beauty there is outside.  I know gardening is nowhere near my forte, though I used to think cooking was not as well.  I can only imagine how hard it must be for her to put such unending care and work in to these plants that can only give her a feeling of nature and colour.    What else is there to make us feel good all day through though?  Seeing such beauty and colour first thing in the morning truly does make the day a little easier to get through.


2 Responses to “Picture of the day!”

  1. Hezzziiifffeeerrr Says:

    The way you spoke of your mother gardening reminds me of my late grandmother, as she had the most wonderous backyard up until she died and would tend to it and see it be friutfu!

    What I’m trying to say I guess is THANK YOU for reminding me of needing to appreciate the smaller things in life, and even family, as crazy as they may be like mine 🙂

  2. Albee Says:

    super nice pic

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