stress levels at max


Kids are…. insane.   Kids are …. stressful.  Kids are… aggrivating.  Kids are especially all these things when they are sick and sleepy.   Mommies are especially irritible when they are also sick and sleepy.   I need a nap.  Naps just give me headaches, so I don’t take them.  I feel like i’m never going to get my sleep back.  Lizzie is up every 3 hours at night at the moment, and Emmalee is the most irritating child in the world most days.  I need a break from being a mother.  I need a rest.  I need to be massively selfish in action and not just words for a couple days.  I bought myself a dress yesterday and I’m going to get my eyebrows done tonight.  Tomorrow is my birthday party, and unlike my husband who’s been away for days at a time a few times now so he’s gotten atleast that one full night sleep, I get to spend my “weekend away” at home.  So I get to pretend i’m not with the children, while they’re running around me and talking to me and bothering me.  Doesn’t seem very fair does it?   I haven’t slept through a night in over a year.  Some people deal with lack of sleep alright,  but not me.  I get very irritible and I begin to rage.  I have a short fuse and no patience and they know what buttons to push.  I just want time away.  Any time away.   Worst of all I don’t feel like I can express my anger or rage at the situation.

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2 Responses to “stress levels at max”

  1. Amy Says:

    Most people can deal with not getting sleep for a day or two, No one can handle it over a long period of time. When that Husband of yours gets home…you make him get up with the kids for a few nights!

  2. esmeq Says:

    he does get up with the kids. I sleep very lightly so even though he does get up I still end up waking up and having my sleep ruined.

    She is at that moment sleeping better though, so that’s good.

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