delusional rantings of a sickie

I’ve decided to redecorate the girls rooms.

I found a mirror i think i’m going to get for Emmalee, and under the discription it says :

Key features

The safety film on the back reduces the risk of injury if the mirror should break.
Touch-and-close fastening makes it easy to close/open the doors.
Space for a hairbrush, comb, jewelry etc. inside on the doors.
Can also be hung on the wall.
Looking at yourself in a mirror strengthens the body image.

lmao wtf?! I think i’ll go for a princess motif in Emma’s room.. Not princess as much as castle.  Anyways I think one of my children might be ready to sleep finally.  We’re all sick here so sleeping isn’t going very well for anyone.


2 Responses to “delusional rantings of a sickie”

  1. Albee Says:

    why are you redecoratng now?
    get sleep lol

    • esmeq Says:

      lol I can’t get sleep if babies are awake!

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