Mornings. How thou art the dagger in my brain.

Its no surprise to people that know me but I hate mornings.  I dont hate mondays, because as a stay at home mom every day just kind of melts togethers in to one unspecifiable day, but mornings, I hate.   Now this is tricky though,  because it is only pre-830 am that I hate.  Anytime after 830 am I am ready to go and have an adventure.  Unfortunately, the only adventures I get anymore are the adventures of the 3 month old cheese hidden in a backpack, or the adventures of which dvds are trapped under the 200lbs tv.   I need to start updating here more, and I know that because there is something theraputic about writing here.  I know how cliche it is to use a blog to vent personal feelings but that doesn’t attain readers.  Not that I’m all that worried about readers but I would definitely enjoy some responses.  Perhaps I should start tagging my entries, I hear that works.

So on to the photographs.  I love taking portraits.  I love photographing peoples faces, catching certain lights and contours.  My daughter doesn’t help out that much anymore, shes in a funny face stage and its nearly impossible to get her to sit and smile for a picture but I finally got one so I have to share it.


She looks so much more mature than her age, and than she really is actually.  Shes a little goofball and misfit so catching her looking relatively innocent is something to be documented.

My birthday is coming up, which is my favorite time of year because that means the snow is gone.  Everything begins to rebirth itself, the weather warms and gets that wonderful smell of freshness and energy.  If energy had a smell, I would be spring.   All this sunshine we’ve had of late has made my mood a little more tolerable.  Waking up to sunshine is wonderful and I can’t wait to wake up not only to the sunshine but to the bird calls and the breezes.

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One Response to “Mornings. How thou art the dagger in my brain.”

  1. Albeee Says:

    i also should blog more
    LOL at the adventure of the 3 month old cheese
    imagine a pic of THAT
    ewwwwwwwwwwwwww lol

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