day 32, Jan 21 2010

Funny as it is, I write down the date on here every day and when someone asks me I still can’t remember what the date is.   So, back to yesterday, but in today form.  This morning I tried to drag him out for breakfast but he wasn’t wanting to move again, So  he walked me out.  I decided to walk up the waterfront myself at that point and take some pictures, then feeling adventurous, I walked up to Dundas station for the subway instead of  just getting on at Union.  I took some pictures down the waterfront.  I saw a woman feeding ducks by the lake, it was wonderful to see.  There was a plump mallard just following her around hoping to grab at some of the crumbs she threw.  There were small chunks of ice floating around the water, and the sun was dancing off everything.  It was so nice this morning.  I don’t know what happened because it looks pretty blah outside now.

so peaceful

Walking around downtown reminded me of when I was a teenager and practically lived there.  I met some of my best friends to this day downtown, and took a lot of trips downtown with many friends from uptown.  I think this summer i’m going to attempt to get my family out there more often.  We’re going to take the girls to Center Island, and probably to the spicy hot food fest again on airshow weekend.  Emmy loved watching the planes fly around.


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