day 25, jan 14th 2010

ah 25, a nice round number, also my age.  Good luck? perhaps.  Today was … interesting.  My daughter is still at it, dumping two full bottles of baby shampoo and body wash down the shower drain.   I managed to get out to grab some veggies at the store today, that was nice.  The weather is so mild, reminds me of spring.  I loved it.  I also felt, since i was going to be really cheap for dinner and not try something new, I made shortbread.  I’ve never made shortbread before, yes it is ridiculously easy.

I r will be shortbreads!

So that was delightful for the day.   Tomorrow I might wrangle another photo-journey should the weather be as warm as today!


One Response to “day 25, jan 14th 2010”

  1. Albee Says:

    fap fap
    i LOVE shortbread

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