day 23: Jan. 13th 2010

soupy soup

The next  couple weeks for us is going to be a little cash-strapped.  So, without much food laying around the house I made soup for dinner.  I made a whole wack of it so i can freeze it and reheat later, resubject the family to my soup.  It was quite yummy.


3 Responses to “day 23: Jan. 13th 2010”

  1. Albee Says:

    whats in the soup?
    im tryng to make out the ingredients

    • esmeq Says:

      carrot, celery, sausage, garlic, potato, mushroom, shallots, green onion, star shaped pasta, hot chilli flakes, seasoning salt, pepper, etc

  2. Albee Says:

    carrots, potato, and sausage for me
    and pasta
    hate mushrooms lol

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