Jan. 12 2010, day 23

red cheeks

Today, well, it was okay.  Ups and downs as normal.  My flickr account is being a jerk, and so is wordpress actually to a point so i’m wondering if its just my computer.   Today, Nikki came over and we went on a photo-journey.  She aided me in packing up the kiddo’s, and we went for a walk to the nearby parkette.  Emmy ran around for a bit, and Elizabeth got all redcheeked and cute.  We both took some photo’s, and then we came home and made peanutbutter squares.  All in all, decent day, but i’m definitely looking forward to more photo-journeys!


2 Responses to “Jan. 12 2010, day 23”

  1. nikki (the other one) Says:

    Me too! We’ll have to do a longer one when it’s warmer!

  2. Albee Says:

    i’m giggling at “photo-journey”

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