day 19 – jan 9th 2010

Carousel.. carusel? carosel... whatever

Todays picture was actually taken on my cellphone because my camera battery died.  Today the family and I went to Fantasy Fair at Woodbine mall.  It was a friends sons birthday, and boy did Emmalee have a blast!! She got her face painted like a tiger and roared at everyone, she went in the massive playground, ran around in a hall of mirrors (and in to them 6 times atleast), hung off the mini punching bags, rode the bumper boats and the train, and went on the carosel! She also won a prize in a everyone wins something fishing game.  The woman told us were the ‘Large’ prize fish was so that Emmy could win something nice.  She ended up choose this weird mushroom shaped stuffed animal.  It is kinda cute. She wants to name him “blue animal”.  Oh, the imagination of youth.  I think he’ll be sitting next to “blue bunny” and “doggy”


One Response to “day 19 – jan 9th 2010”

  1. Heather Says:

    I miss Woodbine Centre and that mall, it’s fucking awesome and was great when I was a kid, and I hope emmy super enjoyed it as you say she has!

    Miss ya and keep well!

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