today was just too good of a day

For taking pictures.  I’ve got a bunch that I just have to share.  They are of my kids, I know, but I just love photographing them.  Gives me something wonderful to do, amazing photographs to share with everyone in their lives and when they get older, for themselves and their friends.  I have girls, and I am just in love with photos, photo albums, and i’m always sharing my pictures with everyone who shows and inkling of interest in seeing them.  Which is really sucky for them half the time because I’m sure no one cares and they are just being polite when they see me inching for the albums shelf.  Only a small, small handful of people actually are interested in seeing my  creations but they are far and in between.   Thank god for people just being polite and looking haha.  So here are the pictures i’ve taken today so far.

pretty girl

crawlie crawlie

look familiar


One Response to “today was just too good of a day”

  1. nikki (the other one) Says:

    Awwww Lizzibee and one with Emmy too! I am one of those people that DOES actually care to see them. Love you and those girls!

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