Day 17. January 6th 2010

Todays photo came early.  It was a shocker, let me tell you.  I went in to my three year olds room, and she decided to show me her artwork.  It was on the walls!  Oh I nearly had a heart attack.  I’m going to have a hard time cleaning it all, but before I get started I did have to share something.  This picture is slightly modified, because you couldn’t see the crayon well I drew over it in paint.  This way you can see it a lot better.   I thought it was really good, though I can’t admit that to her because drawing on the walls is a big no-no!

Its Emmalee!

She told me this was her.  Those antennae looking things are her ears apparently, and her legs are different lengths but for a child that hasn’t even been three years old for a month I think its pretty good.  Good job Emmalee.  Now stop drawing on your walls in crayon.


One Response to “Day 17. January 6th 2010”

  1. nikki (the other one) Says:

    Oh noooo! Magic eraser will get it out, just watch your hands because it can somehow burn you.

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