almost 2 weeks! Day 13!

I’ve almost hit the two week mark!  Who knew that I would last this long!  Well today’s post comes with a warning to parents. Ever notice once you’ve toilet trained your child the toilet paper starts running out thrice as fast?  I have.  I thought, wow.  The toilet was never clogged either.  Then today we found it.

Toilet paper mountain

Shes been unrolling two toilet paper rolls regularly and hiding the remainder.  Her goal was to get the cardboard toilet paper roll in the center, so that she could make play binoculars (or “dibblers.”  Don’t ask, I dont know the answer)  So, after i fished one roll of toilet paper out of the toilet, and cleaned the other roll from the floor, we decided we have to lock up the toilet paper.

Another thing I never thought i’d have to do in my lifetime.


One Response to “almost 2 weeks! Day 13!”

  1. Albee Says:

    me wunders, if there’s a toilet paper rolly game for nintendo ds

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