day 9, on day 10

Expect two entries for today. I’ve been slacking already.   See what I meant by “I never finish anything I start” ?   Its a little difficult when you’re pretty much on house arrest all the time, so i’ve been trying to find things that might even be slightly interesting.  It hasn’t been working very well but I atleast have the fallback of my kids.

Men doing dishes

Ah dishes, one of the least favorable chores of the household.  Men doing dishes, is always fun to see.  Except when they do dishes like my husband.  He makes such a mess cleaning anything, but atleast sometimes he finishes cleaning up the clean up. What can you do, atleast he’s doing the dishes right?  Then he had to mop the floor because he slopped soapy water all over it.


One Response to “day 9, on day 10”

  1. Albee Says:

    oh man
    hopeless isnt he

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