Day 8, a little late

It was a loser

Went to the Sandylion warehouse today with my good friend Nikki.  We loaded up on beautiful stickers and scrapbooking supplies for cheap, then we went to Walmart for my stickie tabs and cashed in our scratchers.  I won $5, so I exchanged it for another with a $2 profit and won another $5.  Nikki, our big winner, had a stack of cards with a$25 prize, she got a two new ones and the crossword was a loser.  I have no clue about the Bingo.    The rest of the day I spent trying to catch up in the girls scrapbooks.   I got some amazing fall type flower stickers, and some cute cardstock christmas stickers.  Loads of paper, and a paperstock booklet with the cutest paper i’ve seen in awhile.


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