day 7: One week in and still moving

Today’s been pretty hectic.  We had to pick up pumpkin A from grandma’s, then we went grocery shopping.  I found some cute scrapbooks at the dollar store so I bought one.  I need to start Emmalee’s Year Three book.   I printed out all those pictures then I made a horrid mistake of spilling wine on them.  It was a hilarious chain of events.  Unfortunate, but hilarious.  So i laid out all the pictures that I have to get in to their books on the dinner table so they don’t stick to eachother.  Which brings me to today’s photograph.

It was a nice segway.

There are about another 6 pictures that I had to lay on a different table for lack of space.  I have a lot of work ahead of me today with these.  Off to work I go, wish me luck!


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