day 5: Dec 25th 2009

yes, I realize i’m a couple hours late indeed, but as we all know the holidays are very stressful so i’ve come as fast as I could.

I know, its kind of cheap this time around but it was definitely the highlight of yesterday.  Everything else was a giant annoyance, as always when dealing with the inlaws.  I don’t mean all of the inlaws, there are some great, practical and logical ones in there but the idiocy of a few kind of ruins it for the rest of them.  So this is it, birds flying off my lawn.  It was something that definitely caught my attention yesterday . It was a veritable convention of birds out there.  A little creepy.

silence of the birds

They would keep balling and flying to the neighbours then come right back.  I guess they were hungry.  I’m sure not going to feed them though I don’t need that many birds pooping on my lawn.


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