Day 4: dec 24th 2009

So christmas eve has arrived and i’ve survived the annual Zak family christmas dinner.  The dinner was delicious (traditional fish dinner, a european thing) and the kids got their gifts.  I’ve always loved my mothers christmas tree.  She decorates it so daintily and beautifully.  They put it in front of a glass sliding door looking out that their beautiful yard with my mothers insanely perfect gardens, so the snow glistens in the background.  Heres todays picture of the day;

Ornaments and tinsel 😀

I’ve said before I love my mothers tree.  Real tree’s every year, which is a little cruel I know but still.  I took a few more pictures i’m going to share with you guys.

Twinkilng in the trees

This is just a few lights in the tree. I thought it turned out really neat.  Makes a beautiful atmosphere in the household.  The room the tree is in is on a dimmer switch aswell, so we dim the lights down low and let the tree light up our night.

The tree

Heres an idea of the tree.  I just love it.  This time of year always feels so warm even though its so unbearably cold outside.

Lizziebee being her happy little self

The kids as always had a marvelous time.  Lizziebee got some much needed uncle time.  My brother has maybe seen her two, three times since she was born.  He really enjoys playing with her too.  I’m always surprised when we go see him because being a kind, light hearted, fun person is so uncharacteristic of him.

Me and Little lizziebee

Me and my baby lizziebee.  Just thinking of the joy I had a kid makes me even happier knowing  that now I get to make Emminka and Lizziebee feel that way.  I hope I impart the awe of the season on them.  My mother never actually cared much for the holidays but she always just did it anyways to make everything better.

Cuz baby it’s cold outside


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