Day 3: Dec. 23/2009

Day three.  Well this is a good sign, I’ve almost gone a week without abandonning something.  I have hope still.  So today’s picture.  I’m cheaping out for today.  It’s a portrait of my babycakes.

Laugh away

I like her this way.  Laughing uproariously like a child.  We could all use doing that once in awhile.  With all the stress in the world and all the unspeakable acts we hear of, it couldn’t hurt to just buckle down and laugh as if you’ll never catch your breath again.

Tomorrow is our first christmas dinner of the holidays.  We hit my parents house.  My mother-inlaw called me today and asked if she should buy Elizabeth a stroller. I thought to myself, “IS THIS WOMAN EFFING CRAZY!? WE HAVE LIKE 300 STROLLLERS ALREADY”, then I politely said “oh no please, no more strollers”.    Then she demanded I recreate the spinache dip I made last year.  She said it was better than hers.  I wonder how she liked them apples, her being a chef and all.   I don’t even have the recipe anymore though so i’ll be desperately searching the internet for a spinache dip including bacon and cream cheese instead of sour cream.  Its going to suck.  But i’ll love throwing it in her face, how its agreeably so much better than hers.

I’m going to have to beautify tomorrow.  Got a dress, probably won’t wear it. I’m going shopping in the morning with Nikki so we’ll see what happens there.  I’m also going boxing day shopping, but I don’t know where or with whom.  We’ll see.   I love dresses but the little black dress i bought is a little too dressy for christmas dinner with the family. Its more for christmas dinner with friends, or a dressy work party.    My hair is growing so nicely.  I love it. Now if it would behave a little more i’d be set.

me me me

Anyways, my kid is awake again. she refuses to sleep so I have to lay the stone-cold beat down.  Not literally ofcourse.


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