Day 2: Dec. 22nd 2009

So I was taking some pictures today, as per normal with me, and I thought that todays entry would be a Christmas entry.   My mother has the most amazing ornaments.  They belonged to her mother, to her mother, to her mother etc.  They are handblown czech glass, hand painted, and she even has some small wooden hand-carved ornaments which are a very older european staple.  Though  I haven’t come across a pickle yet, (lol @Nikki), I have been given a few of her ornaments for my own tree.   I have children, so obviously I didn’t get any glass ornaments, but I will eventually come to recieve whats left of her collection, if ofcourse there are any left.  The break-count is already at one for this year. I can’t imagine how many I broke as a child, before I had any form of respect for other peoples possessions.

My official picture of the day is this:

This is Santa.  He goes skiing, for some reason.  He also wears gold wire-rimmed glasses, I guess he needs them to read. With his age, they’re probably bi-focals.   I remember this ornament. My mom used to have three of four of these ski-pro santa’s.  My brother and I used to steal them off the tree and race them around the tables, leaving memories as I like to call it.  My mother calls it scratches in the hardwood.   There were a few more ornaments that were my favorites she let me hold on to for my tree;

This is little skater Jason

This is supposed to be my brother.  It is atleast 30 years old, though my brother is 29.  I have an ornament for myself aswell.  My mother couldn’t contain herself when she found them, she says.  She just loved them immediately and has used them every year since.

Little winter me

This is little winter me.  The girl in the fuzzy red hoodie. No skates or anything, just me.  And my head comes off.  I had to stab it back on so I could hang it on my tree.

Reindeers and wedding bells

The bell is a new addition for this christmas. It was actually a party favor at a close friends wedding, in which I was a bridesmaid.  It was an adorable little bell that became a minor focal piece for a little “wedding station” I created at my old residence.  I should print out some of the pictures from her wedding. I have an incomplete collage frame of friends that need photos that aren’t from my own wedding.  The reindeer, i have 8 of.  I’ve gotten compliments about him, though everyone is shocked to hear that he was a gimmick from Burger King about 10 – 15 years ago.  I have other little reindeer ornaments from Burger King aswell.  They don’t do these anymore. They should.

Baby's First Christmas

The last entry is not an old ornament at all.  This ornament was purchased by my mother in law three years ago when my first daughter was born.  I believe we’ll be getting another one this year, for my second daughters first christmas.  I really love this ornament because it has meaning, and it is something she can take with her when she begins making her own christmas trees. Hopefully that won’t be too soon though.


3 Responses to “Day 2: Dec. 22nd 2009”

  1. nikki Says:

    those are adorable 🙂

  2. esmeq Says:

    why thank you 😀 I like them too

  3. nikki (the other one) Says:

    This is my favourite entry ever. I love your ornaments, and even more I love that they are so special and will be cherished for years and years and years and years and years and years to come. Thank you for sharing them with us!

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