baby its cold outside

just shovelled the stoop. My dad says if you shovel it right away it doesn’t get icy. I say he’s full of shit and has never had a concrete stoop. My fingers are frozen to the bone and i was out there for all of 5 minutes. I think this is going to be one beautiful, yet one horridly snow filled winter. Definitely puts me in the christmas spirit. I’ve decided NOT to bake my usual christmas cookies this year. I end up being the only one who eats them (other than Emmalee) and I refuse to get fat this christmas.

So its happening. My baby is turning three. O . o. Where did the time go. I miss her being a rolley polley SILENT immobile baby. Now shes in to everything and so defiant. Shes a little rebel dotty. Man I miss the Get UP Kids. God band.

So we have her party to set up and clean for. its going to suck. to clean a house only to have a mob of children with their grubby little hands mucking it up

Shes insane. No other description gives her justice.


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